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Open Innovation, Delivered.

SensisChallenges helps organizations crowdsource groundbreaking solutions. Specializing in ideation, software development, data science, and scientific discovery challenges, we help federal agencies, foundations, and commercial enterprises develop and implement meaningful innovation.

In 2014, Sensis, the full-service behavior change agency, established SensisChallenges, an open innovation practice. SensisChallenges’ mission is to help organizations reach beyond their internal R&D teams and collaborate with global innovators. Using a blend of award-winning marketing capabilities and open innovation strategy, SensisChallenges designs custom prize challenges that accelerate ideas from concept to implementation. Our approach is to target, engage, and advance passionate, technical innovator communities. To date, we have successfully managed over 18 prize challenges, distributed over $20,000,000 in cash awards, and earned multiple "Areas of Excellence" distinctions by the U.S. government.

What is a prize challenge?

Prize challenges offer incentives to motivate innovators to solve difficult problems. As far back as 1919, when Charles Lindberg won the Orteig Prize for completing the world’s first trans-Atlantic flight, organizations have been launching prize challenges to crowdsource new products, solutions, and ideas. Today, organizations such as NASA, Boeing, MIT, XPRIZE, and DARPA run prize challenges to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

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Building the strategy

Using data and research, we define clear problem statements and identify technical innovator communities with the skills and motivations to solve your problem.


Driving participation

Using a blend of branding, social media, PR, collaboration platforms, and in-person events, we enable organizations to reach, activate, and ultimately engage target innovator communities.


Managing the challenge

Every prize challenge needs a plaform. We identify and implement the right platform for your problem area, managing all aspects of web development, UX/UI design, scorecard development, judging, and API integration.


Executing the details

From prize fulfillment to participant support to judge recruiting and onboarding, we handle all aspects of a prize challenge competition so you don't have to.

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