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Behavior Change Challenge

Logo Design

Logo Design

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  • Had to increase awareness about the 30-million word gap that affects U.S. children in lower-income families.

  • Needed to find contestants who’d create, test, and deploy a solution to help parents and caregivers engage more fully with infants and young children.



  • Challenge became more risk averse after a public mention by President Obama increased its visibility. 

  • Required going through lengthy public communications approval process within HRSA. 

  • Had to balance website creativity and ease of use with government regulatory compliance.



  • Worked extensively with HRSA Office of Communications to craft talking points for the earned media strategy.

  • Developed a robust editorial calendar of outreach activities months before contest launch.

  • Provided media training for the Challenge’s official spokespersons.

  • Designed and managed a three-phase Challenge, from proposal, through small-scale testing, to adoption. 

  • Created contest design parameters, Challenge rules, prize value, judging criteria, submission format and intellectual property recommendations.

  • Facilitated contest submission review process.



  • Received high-quality submissions in Phase 1 of the competition. Winners will be announced in March of 2016.

  • Prompted 3000+ social media mentions and 100+ blog posts on the “word gap” during Phase 1 of the Challenge. 

  • Development and small-scale testing will occur from March to August in 2016.

  • Scaling will happen from September 2016 to March 2017.

  • Visit for more details.