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  • Planning and executing a prize competition to identify and cultivate technology solutions that deliver value to patients through the seamless and secure flow of data across health care provider IT networks.
  • Designing an accessible challenge which required solvers to implement specific data interoperability specifications within their products.
  • Delivering a quality applicant experience without a custom platform.
  • Phase 2 and Phase 3 required virtual real-time Demo Day management.


  • Needed to leverage challenge.gov and Confluence to engage and manage solver community.
  • Submissions had to give consumers the power to securely share their sensitive health data.
  • Needed to reach, engage, and activate Health IT professionals and entrepreneurs without a paid media budget.


  • Designed a multi-stage challenge designed to incubate new businesses: Phase 1. Proposals, Phase 2. Prototype and Pilot, and Phase 3. Scale and Implement.
  • Crafted custom evaluation criteria with implementation of data interoperability specifications as a core tenant.
  • Developed challenge-specific branding, logo, marketing, webinar, and PR assets.
  • Delivered end-to-end challenge management including prize design, contest rules, challenge operations, community management, and multiple virtual demo days.


  • Identified, funded, and incubated 10 commercial ready solutions with a $250k prize purse.
  • Solvers implemented new HEART WG data specifications to advance the state of consumer-mediated health data exchange.
  • Earned articles in over 40 media outlets including NextGov, EHR Intelligence, and Healthcare Informatics.