The National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network brings together health and environmental data from national, state, and city sources and provides supporting information and an API to make the data easier to use and understand.
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Evaluation Criteria

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  • Goal of the challenge was to receive innovative uses for the Tracking Network data from CDC’s application programming interface to explore the connections between the environment and health
  • Required to reach, incentivize, and enable software developers to build data products on top of NEHT’s API.
  • Needed to communicate the importance of connecting health data and environmental data for the purpose of actionable insights.


  • Distribute the full-throttle API token upon request.
  • Low developer awareness meant outreach had to first educate and then engage the solver community. 


  • Developed incentive design, challenge architecture, prize rules, brand identity, custom responsive challenge website, entry form, and evaluation criteria.
  • Managed end-to-end challenge operations including challenge launch, virtual webinars, judge onboarding, and submission management.


  • Rapid prototyped 5 data visualization and analysis tools selecting the top 3 solutions to win $30,00 in prizes.
  • Winning teams, Healthy Local, HealthyEnviron, and Sol_Air, pioneered new use cases and best practices in environmental health data visualization providing rich analytics and actionable insights related to asthma, heart disease, and pulmonary disease, open for public use.