Research reveals cultural influence over Millennial food, beverage and alcohol choices

LOS ANGELES- Cross-cultural advertising agency Sensis released the fourth wave of its landmark Hispanic Millennial Project conducted with market research firm ThinkNow Research and social listening experts OYE! This latest wave explores cultural influence on the food, beverage and alcohol buying habits of multicultural Millennials.The study has expanded beyond Hispanic Millennials to include both Asian and African-American Millennials, which combined make up nearly half of all Millennials in the U.S. today.

Food is one of the hallmarks of any culture, yet food & beverage is one place where marketers struggle the most to connect with multicultural millennial segments,” said Sensis President José Villa. “The connection Hispanic Millennials feel toward their native culture or the culture of the United States is reflected in their choice of food and beverage. We look at the affect culture has on those choices to arm marketers with the intelligence they need to tap this vital segment of the population.


Some key findings from the fourth wave include:

  • U.S.-born Hispanic Millennials use food and beverages as a means of connecting to their cultural roots.
  • Foreign-born Hispanic Millennials consume mass-market food and beverages because they seek assimilation into mainstream culture.
  • Hispanic Millennials prefer established brands to craft or artisanal brands.
  • Hispanic Millennials are heavy beer drinkers whose consumption is linked to culture and friendship.
  • Non-Hispanic White Millennials are embracing ethnic flavors.
  • Hispanic Millennials are actively involved in grocery shopping, yet less likely to use coupons.
  • All multicultural Millennials are “Foodies”, with Hispanic Millennials leading the preference for whole foods.

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About the Hispanic Millennial Project: The Hispanic Millennial segment has become one of the most important yet misunderstood consumer demographics in the United States. The Hispanic Millennial Project to develop a better understanding of Hispanic Millennials living in the United States by digging deeper into segmentation, points of tension and differences between U.S.-born and Foreign-born Hispanic Millennials, as well as with older Hispanics, Non-Hispanic White, Asian, and African-American Millennials. Previous waves included an introduction to Hispanic Millennials, and in-depth reports on health care and financial services.