Law Enforcement

We help law enforcement agencies address recruitment challenges with technology-driven advertising solutions.

It’s no secret that police departments have been struggling as of late to find recruits willing to protect and serve. Thanks to robust job markets and historically low public perceptions of the police, many talented and civic-minded candidates have turned to other opportunities instead of law enforcement.

Our Approach

We have a proven approach to target potential new officers and laterals from their first impressions to their first day on the force.

Know your audience

Our strategy team combines proprietary Sensis data on millennial and Gen Z behaviors with extensive market research to generate demographic profiles of your target audiences, giving our campaign recommendations clarity and focus. 

Pull out all the stops

By using an optimal blend of digital, traditional, and PSA media, we deliver a strong call to action to the most relevant and qualified prospects. Our cross-cultural model of marketing means our messaging reaches across mutlicultural audiences. 

Keep them hooked

To retain qualified law enforcement applicants, our team provides consistent outreach and coaching to applicants via our lead nurturing platform and automated landing pages. 

Change with the times

To minimize costs while still maximizing performance, we constantly analyze and optimize our marketing tactics during our campaigns. We also provide models that show you the complete return on inestment you can expect.