Tadin Teas

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Tadin Teas

Sensis worked to reposition Tadin as a national cross-cultural lifestyle tea brand to address an aging customer base. We developed a robust brand strategy unified around the brand idea of “Sabor is how we do”.

The goal was to make Tadin more relevant to a younger, health-conscious audience across the U.S.

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Innovative Advertising Campaign

Leveraged our core audience’s grocery shopping behavior and Tadin’s unique distribution model to reach new consumers at ethnic grocers beyond California, in metro markets such Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, and Atlanta.

Developed a bold retail activation campaign including out-of-home (billboards, grocery POP displays), events (vans and local retailers), and in-store display (shippers, samplers, displays), and sampling.

Paired this with a national influencer campaign with Latina lifestyle and food Influencers to produce authentic content that incorporating Tadin teas into lifestyle posts and innovative recipes.

Generated 100 million paid and owned impressions and presided over an 82.5% increase in visitors to the Tadin website.

Successfully supported expanded distribution with retailers in 8 markets, measurably maintaining and expanding that distribution in 2 years, yielding a 27.7% increase in YOY sales in targeted markets in California, Texas, Arizona, and North Carolina.