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metropolitan water district


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Webby Award Honoree Best Data Visualization

W3 Best User Experience, Gold​ 

W3 Best Structure and Navigation, Gold​ 

W3 Best Services & Utilities Website, Gold

W3 Best Use of Data Visualization, Best in Show


MWD of Southern California

Metropolitan Water District (MWD) is a water agency that delivers clean water to 19 million Southern Californians.​  

Sensis was tasked with providing user experience services in order to tell MWD’s rich and complex story, including its history, mission and future plans.  

desktop tablet and mobile view of MWD website

Sensis reimagined the website for Metropolitan Water District and developed a highly animated and interactive website that integrated with their media relations platforms and iCIMS HR & recruiting systems.   

“Choose your adventure” interactive guided tours walk users through the journey water goes through to get to Southern California residents.  

Reimagined Website

Supports the client's communication needs, and contains informative and engaging materials to inform stakeholders of important updates in the utilities sector. 

pages on MWD website