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Sensis continued to work with LAPD to increase their recruitment pipeline with a new campaign that launched in 2022. The Los Angeles Police Department hired Sensis to increase the recruitment of younger, more diverse officer candidates and to support the following goals:

Increase enrollments on the myPD website

Support City of LA in-person recruiting efforts by promoting monthly events 


Sensis utilized Google Display Advertising around a 60-mile radius around Los Angeles, targeting adults over the age of 21.  

Sensis utilized tactics such as Responsive Display Ads, Google Discover Ads, and Google Performance Max Ads to drive people to a friendly, dedicated landing page for more information on starting an application to enroll in the LAPD.  

We performed measurable testing for the LAPD landing page to try out variations in order to optimize performance, altering the apply button, top navigation bar, and typography. 

Sensis also assisted in promotion of four seminars run by the city and developed RSVP landing pages that led to a form that the city created and managed with each landing page customized for each specific event. For the promotion of these events, Sensis utilized Google Discovery Tactic and Performance Max Tactic. 


Recruitment Campaign Performance 

10.5MM Impressions 

122,131 Clicks 

12,931 Conversions ($4.01 Cost/Conversion and 10.7% Conversion Rate) 

Hiring Seminar Promotion Performance  

884,397 Impressions 

18,008 Clicks 

939 Conversions ($2.80 Cost/Conversion, 1.3% Conversion Rate)