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Los Angeles Police Department

The City of Los Angeles’ increasingly multicultural and idealistic Gen Z population did not see themselves or their values reflected in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), which has, in turn, hindered recruitment efforts. To address this, the LAPD hired Sensis to develop recruitment tactics that better target this younger, more diverse candidate pool. 

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Solutions & Outcomes

Sensis conducted an audit of existing recruitment materials and developed a new strategic messaging platform that anchored a digital outreach campaign. 

Leveraging research-based insights, Sensis created and implemented a data-driven, 360-degree campaign targeting African American and female audiences. The campaign included paid search, display, and social media advertising, as well as earned media, radio, streaming video, and PSAs.

Additionally, Sensis provided digital analysis, media optimization, and CRM management consultation to reduce lead attrition through the recruitment process. 

The initial targeted campaign ran for four months and was able to generate strong results including, 42.1 million impressions, 166,200 landing page visits, 16,099 MyLAPD recruitment website visits, 1,247 applications and the most diverse LAPD recruitment class to date.