City of LA

Tsunami Awareness Campaign

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City of LA Tsunami Awareness

In California more than 150 tsunamis have hit the coastline since 1880. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 42 of the 150 occurred in Los Angeles County. The City of Los Angeles selected Sensis to perform marketing outreach services for the Emergency Management Department for Tsunami Readiness.  


Inform and raise awareness among LA residents who live or work in tsunami-prone areas. 

Raise awareness of how emergency alerts through NotifyLA can help in disaster situations

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Although there are many of “Tsunami Hazard Zone” signs on many LA beaches and neighborhoods, people don't think much of it, and the misconception that natural disasters, other than wildfires, happen somewhere else... to other people but "not me," is common. 

With this concept, we've used semantics and alliterations between “tsunami” and “tsu-not-me" to imply a personal approach to the subject matter, making an ownable affirmation with a call to be prepared and subscribed to NotifyLA. 

Big Idea: Sensis realized that an individual approach toward preparedness is a great way to tackle the insight that "tsunamis don't happen here"by saying "others may believe that, but not me." 

Why it works: It's ownable, memorable, and catchy. It conveys the message from a positive angle. 

Tagline: Tsu-NOT-ME. I'm prepared! 

Languages: Sensis developed creative with messaging in both English and Spanish.  

Geography: Coastal ZIP Codes 


Sensis successfully raised tsunami awareness and preparedness among residents in Los Angeles zip codes. Some generating a total of 28,577,349 estimated impressions across digital display, paid social, streaming audio, text messaging, and OOH.