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City of LA Anti-Vape

In partnership with Sensis, the City Attorney’s office launched an anti-vaping outreach campaign. The goals of the campaign were to appeal to teenage audiences and educate them on the dangers of vaping, as well as deter illegal sales of tobacco products (primarily vape products) to minors. 

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Based on focus groups and syndicated research, we developed accessible messaging that highlighted the significant health risks of vaping through the “Disobey Vape” integrated campaign. 

Sensis covered a wide range of deliverables, focusing on media that our younger target audiences were likely to use including digital, social media, cable TV, and employing influencers to spread our message.  

We produced a variety of creative materials for the “Disobey Vape” campaign, including television commercial spots, digital/social media advertisements, out-of-home assets, and print materials displayed in bus shelters/wild postings, school events, and even LA Comic Con.