Chef Merito

image of steak and chef merito seasonings





Chef Merito

Chef Merito engaged Sensis as their Advertising Agency of Record to increase awareness of their wider range of products beyond their flagship seasoning to a growing market of Hispanic customers. We were also challenged to expand their consumer audiences beyond the Los Angeles DMA and reposition Chef Merito as a key ingredient for more easily imparting every meal with authentic Latino flavor. 

El Secreto TV Spot

The Spanish-language TV campaign celebrated Latin Americans’ love for over-the-top melodramas, which are a staple in many California households. Like any good telenovela, there is a family secret. In this case, it’s Chef Merito and how it brings out the flavors of home.


Sensis undertook a two-part research study with qualitative online bulletin boards and a quantitative Attitudes, Awareness, and Usage (AAU) survey, identifying two target customer segments: older, less acculturated Hispanic women and younger, bicultural Hispanic women. 

Ad Campaign

Our creative team developed a wide host of creative deliverables including Spanish-language TV spots, radio scripts, and numerous digital assets for use in display and social advertising.