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Calbright College, the newest online-only community college in California, aims to improve the workforce prospects of Californians who are underemployed or working multiple part-time jobs. 

Sensis worked with Calbright College to reimagine their business and marketing strategy, launching five different ad campaigns to drive targeted enrollment in key programs and introduce Calbright’s unique skills validation model.

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Campaign goals included clarifying the brand identity and vision of a new community college in an already crowded California landscape, as well as building the college’s marketing capabilities from the ground up.

Sensis conducted extensive research, including a statewide market study of Learner and Hiring Managers across California. This led to the development of creative copy, imagery, and digital assets for the online institution.

We developed a fully data-driven digital advertising campaign using display, video, paid social, and paid search to generate qualified leads throughout California, with a focus on underrepresented counties and students. 

Our Amplification team also worked with Calbright to develop an influencer plan that leveraged the reach of key micro- and macro-influencers to build brand awareness.