A Ti y A Ti Hispanic Brand

att a ti y a ti logo






AT&T tasked Sensis with developing an overarching platform to showcase AT&T’s commitment to the Hispanic community and drive in-store traffic and sales to predominately Hispanic AT&T Wireless stores 


Increase awareness of AT&T’s commitment to the Hispanic community, including their employees and vendors, while keeping our core messaging authentic and meaningful. 

A Ti y A Ti Brand

Sensis developed the tagline “a ti y a ti” to emphasize AT&T’s support of its Hispanic audiences​ for use during Hispanic Heritage Month, which became the official Hispanic tagline for the company.

The idea derives from AT&T's own initials, pronounced in Spanglish. It's about delivering relevant content and services "to you and you," expressing an individual and collective commitment to Hispanic customers and employees. 

For the “a ti y a ti” project, Sensis developed thematic elements including: 

A logo rewrap, “a ti y a ti” Treatment Guide, Key art for use (such as flyers, print ad, digital ads, social media), e-newsletter template, and digital graphics for TV screens