Marketers predicted that mobile would be the dominant platform moving forward and Hispanics are helping to prove them prescient. According to a PWC report,, Hispanics are streaming video 26 hours per month, or seven hours more than the U.S. average. The streaming is occurring mostly on mobile devices.

The viewership peaks among both first-generation Hispanics of whom 52% say they stream more than one time per day and 61% percent among Hispanic millennials — the highest user group among all Hispanics. Streaming usage for Hispanics of second and third generations declines from a percentage basis, more in the line with non-Hispanic averages. When asked what the most popular content source is, both millennials and second-generation Hispanics answered user generated content most, 51% and 49% respectively.

Another interesting statistic from the study, is that Hispanics want to pick and choose whether they consume content in English or Spanish. As one would imagine, first-generation Hispanics are more likely to have answered only Spanish content from a percentage basis, but it’s a very small percentage that’s exclusive. Across all three generations surveyed, they want language choice and it’s their choice.

Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, Hispanics see their mobile device as a connection to affordable entertainment. It’s also a way for them to stay connected culturally in either English, Spanish or both. Whether it’s hearing about news and events from their country of origin or just taking a moment to laugh at a cultural quirk or expression, there’s something for everyone — and best of all it’s free. In fact, many experts say it’s the cost of paid streaming services that are keeping many Hispanics engaged by user generated content instead.

It’s also the quality, timeliness, and hilarity that’s out there (in both English and Spanish) that’s hard to resist and not share.

One such content producer is Karen Gonzalez who goes by “iluvsarhii.” She develops both English and Spanish content. This Mexican makeup artist and beauty guru is off the charts with over 4.6 million Instagram followers and nearly 1 million YouTube subscribers. Just like other social influencers, she is getting some major sponsors from large beauty brands like Nars, Laura Mercier, Colourpop, Dose of Colors, Mac, and others.

Another popular content producer, Mario Aguilar, creates much of his content in Spanish, with a small amount in English. This comedian has been producing videos which have become very popular on Facebook including a well-known segment on his channel called “Mamás Latinas” where he mocks and impersonates Latina moms around commonly used expressions. His content is video based, focusing on comedic sketches or vlogs. Mario has over 13 million followers on Facebook, 6.25 million subscribers on YouTube and 4.2 million followers on Instagram. He’s from Tijuana, Mexico and his fame has brought him to the U.S. currently on tour in California and Texas. 

All of this brings us back to consumers who get to decide what they want to watch and when.  Marketers must recognize the diversity of the Hispanic market and connect with these valuable consumers on the platforms where they are spending so much of their time.