Research Issued as Final Sections of Fifth Wave from groundbreaking Hispanic Millennial Project

LOS ANGELES – Cross-cultural marketing agency Sensis has released the Hispanic Millennial Project Wave 5b and Wave 5c, a study of Multicultural Millennials and the impact culture plays on their attitudes and interactions with mobile, social media, gaming and wearable technology.

“Multicultural Millennials make up almost half of all Millennials living in the United States today,” said Sensis founder and President José Villa.  “They are also early adopters of new technology and media platforms.  Our research tells us, however, that while they are adept and heavy users of new digital technology, they show differences based on ethnicity in their technology and new media usage.”

Other key findings from the studies include:

  • Asian Millennials have strong preferences for Apple devices compared to Hispanic Millennials who are heavy Android users
  • Mobile gaming is most popular among non-Hispanic White Millennials
  • Gaming consoles are used as much for streaming entertainment as they are for gaming by Multicultural Millennials
  • Gaming bonds Hispanic Millennials with their children
  • Wearable technology is making inroads among non-Hispanic White Millennials
  • African-American Millennials are heavy gamers

Conducted in conjunction with leading market research firm ThinkNow Research, the study also comprehensively examines how each group uses mobile devices and engages in social media, as well as the gaming behavior of each group.  The research explores how these differences impact the way brands, media companies and technology innovators should market to the heavily Multicultural Millennial audience.

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