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A Spanish-language movie channel based in Mexico, available throughout the U.S., Canada and Latin America via cable, satellite and IPTV services.
Brand Engagement

Social Media


  • Needed to monitor and mitigate potential negative fan conversations on Facebook and Twitter regarding the channel's switch to a commercial-based model. 


  • A lack of significant negative viewer feedback compelled the Agency to switch campaign strategy.



  • Recommended and executed a social strategy utilizing earned and paid media to increase fan engagement, while growing the network's audience.
  • Launched a targeted Facebook Likes campaign, leveraging creative assets from their most popular films for creative posting, strategic titling and paid promotion through Facebook and Twitter. 



  • Delivered a 26% increase in new Likes (from 74,513 to 94,190) during three-month campaign duration.
  • Engaged 156,735 followers on Facebook (up 94% from previous time period), and created 141,400 impressions on Twitter.
  • Reached a total of 2,373,500 people via all posts combined during campaign time period.
  • Minimized negative feedback on commercials by keeping Cinelatino fans engaged with network content through creative posting.