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U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) responsible for protecting U.S. agriculture from invasive pests and diseases.
“Can I Bring It?” - Traveler Outreach Initiative

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What can I bring to the United States?

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Before shopping in Mexico, see if you can bring it back.

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  • Needed to alter traveler behavior by reducing the number of people attempting to bring prohibited food or plant items into the U.S. mainland, from Mexico (through San Ysidro), China (through San Francisco), and from Hawaii. 
  • Had to educate travelers about APHIS regulations on food and plant items.
  • Had to increase awareness of the threat of invasive species among travelers entering the U.S. 


  • Required an umbrella creative concept expressed in-culture and in-language to Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, Chinese and Chinese-Americans, and U.S. travelers alike.  


  •  Launched website-centric campaign featuring trilingual informational content (Mandarin, Spanish and English) and a mobile responsive search tool to identify which agricultural items are—or are not—permitted into the country. 
  • Deployed mix of creative assets across paid, earned and social media to drive website traffic, including display banners, pre-roll video, radio ads, luggage tags, billboards, brochures, infographics, paid search and more.
  • Established KPIs to measure ad recall and information seeking behavior (awareness and understanding of where to find more agricultural regulation information).


  • Received 172,000+ website page views, 111,056 sessions, and 101,153 unique users throughout four-month campaign duration.
  • Delivered 35,278,748 digital media impressions and 223,040 clicks, for an overall 0.63% CTR.
  • Delivered 10,682,184 overall paid search impressions and 73,189 clicks for a 0.69% CTR. Generated 1.16% CTR via paid SEM.
  • Top three states generating website traffic coincided with three states that had targeted outreach efforts.
  • Meaningful number of survey respondents recalled campaign slogan.
  • Percentage of respondents indicating knowledge of U.S. agricultural import regulations ranged from 77% to 90% across all measured points of entry.